Employment: The Law

When to Contact an Employment Law Solicitor

In critical legal matters, no matter what their nature may be, it is important to be sure about the steps that you take and the way things are done. Similarly, it is vital that you do things the right way and not be misled in any way, and that is why you require the services of employment solicitors birmingham.

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What Does an Employment Law Solicitor Do?

Employment solicitors help employers by advising them on how to avoid situations that would allow employees to make allegations against them. By providing a robust set of guidelines tailored for them, employment solicitors ensure that employers do not find themselves in situations where they have to face employment claims.

They also help the employees position a case against their employer and telling them how to assemble evidence to prove a breach in their rights, therefore increasing the likelihood of a swift and victorious outcome of their cases. Here are some various reasons why you might need an Employment Solicitor.

Contracts of Employment 

Employment laws state that worker rights and obligations should be outlined in their agreement. This should include details of what the employee's regular duties will comprise of, their holiday entitlement, wage entitlement, and required a notice period. Where there are disputes over these issues, an appropriate solicitor will resolve such cases.

Staff Handbooks 

As a company, you might want to introduce a staff handbook or update your existing one. You will want to make sure that all areas of staff behavior, performance, remuneration, benefits, and holidays are covered, and kept up to date. 

As technology continues to play an ever-increasing role in many businesses, an employment law solicitor will be able to advise you in cases where your staff handbooks mention laptops, The Data Protection Act, internet use, USB memory sticks, mobile phones, internet use, and any other technologies that you use.

Health and Safety 

Health and safety are one of the biggest pressures on the modern employer. By law, employers must ensure that their staff has a clean and safe environment to work in. If this is not the case, then companies run the risk of legal action from employees, as facilitated by an Employment Law Solicitor. 


Both indirect and direct discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, disability, age, sexual orientation or religious belief is illegal, and in cases where an individual believes themselves to be the victim of discrimination, a solicitor should be consulted. There also exist laws to protect a complainant from being victimized following a complaint of discrimination. 

However, the employee also has the responsibility to raise the issue in writing with their employer and signal their intention to bring their claim to a tribunal within three months. This, coupled with the fact that discrimination tribunals are frequently long and drawn out, requiring the presence of numerous witnesses, demonstrates the importance of consulting an employment law solicitor in such cases.


When you are searching for suitable employment solicitors, it is vital to look for the best employment advice that is worth your money. Always the cheapest options come with inexperienced lawyers who lack the practical knowledge and abilities necessary to put your best interests forward. Instead, look for employment solicitors Birmingham who will take the time to properly understand your case and communicate to you in a way that you can easily understand.