The Flash season 4, episode 20 synopsis: Therefore She Is

The Thinker’s wife seems like she might be front and center this week, and a hero/love interest returns from another world in “Therefore She Is.” As The Flash season 4 makes the turn and heads for home (sorry, Kentucky Derby coming up and everything), one of the more interesting subplots has been the relationship between […]

Trump delays decision on steel and aluminium tariffs

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The US is reliant on steel imports from more than 100 nations The Trump administration has extended negotiations on steel and aluminium tariffs for 30 days with Canada, the EU and Mexico. It has also reached an agreement in principle with Argentina, Brazil and Australia. In March, US President […]

Will Ethereum Join Monero Against the Mining Giant?

The crypto community is bracing for a real revolution – leading cryptocurrencies may abandon the Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm. The reason is the far-reaching game of mining giant Bitmain, which is building up its monopoly on the market by stamping out new ASICs for top coins. This concerns not only the users who prefer traditional GPU […]

Lucifer season 3, episode 22 recap: All Hands on Decker

Chloe reconsiders her decision while Lucifer tries to find a way to win her back on this week’s “All Hands on Decker.” Here’s your recap. Lucifer begins with a bit of a commotion behind the scenes at a prestigious … dog show. Miss Cornelia is late, and it looks like her owner is dead. Ella […]

‘I Don’t See It Being Resolved Anytime Soon’

The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) chairman Chris Giancarlo said he doesn’t see comprehensive crypto legislation coming from the federal level in the near future, CNBC reports April 30. In an interview on Monday, Giancarlo pointed out that the statutes by which the CFTC is operating were written in 1935. He said that embracing […]