5 Veggie-Packed Spring Dinners | Kitchn

How is the weather where you live this week? We woke up to snow on Monday morning but the rest of the week has been sunny, brisk, and breezy, which can only mean one thing: spring! Spring marks the return of the farmers market for us and the shift towards eating even more vegetables at […]

How Often Should You Clean Your Water Bottle?

I am a person who likes to stay hydrated. I typically keep a big water bottle at my desk, a little one in my purse, and another big one in the car. If I see a water fountain, I take advantage and fill up whatever vessel I happen to have with me. Because heaven forbid […]

Dinner Salad Ideas – Main Course Salad Recipes

Slotting salad night into my family’s weekly meal plan did not come easy in my house. It was a slow-won battle, and the key was showing my husband the world of possibilities that are dinner salads, starting with the fact that really good ones are more than a big bowl of chopped raw vegetables. Take […]

Vegetarian Breakfast – Easy Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas

The long, glorious breakfasts of Sunday mornings are something to look forward to, but on weekdays I’m looking for something super nourishing and satisfying. I want something that doesn’t require me to get up 30 minutes earlier (not happening!). Major bonus points if it can be made ahead, just waiting for me when I roll […]

What Happened to Xbox This Generation?

FallenAngel19849h ago(Edited 9h ago) “Sony beating Microsoft in such a decisive, unquestionable manner so quickly was a bizarre thing to see, considering how Sony started out the previous generation with the pricey PlayStation 3.” Not that suprising when you consider PS2 heavily dominated Xbox. PS3, despite being more expensive, harder to develop for, not releasing […]

‘Hybrid’ Crypto Exchange ICO Announces $5m Partnership Deal : CryptoCurrency

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