Elderly dog helps save girl lost in Australian bush

Image copyright QUEENSLAND POLICE Image caption Max, a cattle dog, stayed with the girl for 16 hours Australian police have praised a dog for remaining with a three-year-old girl as she spent a night lost in bushland. The girl, Aurora, had been the subject of a large search after she wandered away from her home […]

Cavaliers use late run to beat Pacers in Game 4: 3 takeaways

The Cleveland Cavaliers were in serious danger of falling behind 3-1, but LeBron James and Kyle Korver led a late run to win Game 4 and tie up their series against the Indiana Pacers. The Cleveland Cavaliers had to be suffering déjà vu as the Indiana Pacers erased an early 16-point deficit to take a […]

What and where is Park 6?

The arrival of something that should not have been in Westworld was one of the more geekout-causing moments of the season 2 premiere. Note: This article contains mild spoilers for the Westworld season 2 premiere, “Journey into Night.” Watch it first, read our recap or both unless you enjoy spoilers. Poor Bernard Lowe. Not only […]

Westworld location finally revealed in the season 2 premiere

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding Westworld was revealed in the season 2 premiere. Westworld is back and that means it’s time to thinking about all the new mysteries, clues and theories about what’s exactly going on at this theme park where the hosts have overtaken the humans. Last we saw of the characters on […]