My attempt at a 100x portfolio for 2018 : CryptoCurrency

As you might remember, last month, I took all Top100 coins and categorized them into their 12 markets. This was all done with the goal in mind to find a portfolio that can return 100x in 2018. The assumption for this portfolio is that Bitcoin will go up by 4x ($32,000) until the end […]

The Greatest Bad Game (MandaloreGaming) : gamers

Welcome to Gamers! The best place for gaming news and discussion! Rules Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Submissions must be related to gaming. Following the Rules of Reddit is required. Following Reddiquette is encouraged. Mark your spoilers and NSFW submissions, comments and links. Requests sent to the mods must be accompanied by […]

Save Lives – Clean Your Hands

Reassess Hand Hygiene Washing your hands following a bathroom visit, prior to handling food or any other activity where cleanliness is of particular importance is an everyday ritual which most of us don’t even think about anymore. As such, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) May 5th awareness day ‘Save Lives- Clean Your Hands 2018′ seems odd […]

Man in custody for Khayelitsha cop murder

A man accused of killing a policeman in Khayelitsha will remain in custody until his next court appearance on May 7, the Hawks said on Wednesday. Captain Philani Nkwalase said Lwandile Wiseman Somdaka, 32, appeared in the Khayelitsha Magistrate’s Court on April 30, when his case was postponed for further investigation. Somdaka was arrested at […]

Crypto Exchange Bitgrail Opens For Three Hours Before Legally Forced Shutdown

Recently hacked Italian crypto exchange Bitgrail tweeted Wednesday, May 2, that they reopened their exchange, only to report its temporary closure three hours later. We have temporarily disabled the BitGrail exchange pending further notice. — BitGrail Exchange (@BitGrail) May 2, 2018 Bitgrail posted a statement on its website later that day in order to explain […]

Tim Draper – “I think that cryptocurrencies will eventually grow to maybe $100 trillion and fiat currencies will fall from $80 trillion to $30 trillion.” : CryptoCurrency

Bitcoin (BTC) – $156.96B – $9226.30 Ethereum (ETH) – $71.47B – $720.46 Ripple (XRP) – $33.48B – $0.85 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – $25.39B – $1484.32 EOS (EOS) – $14.96B – $17.97 Cardano (ADA) – $9.77B – $0.38 Litecoin (LTC) – $8.56B – $151.90 Stellar (XLM) – $8.05B – $0.43 IOTA (MIOTA) – $6.54B – $2.35 […]