Serena Williams emerges, faces Kerber

With most of the top seeds at Wimbledon this year dropping like flies, Serena Williams has emerged like a phoenix to make the final, but will Angelique Kerber spoil Serena’s date with history? Angelique Kerber is one of the few current players to have beaten Serena Williams in a grand slam final in recent years. […]

Hits His Mercedes In Calabasas – Hollywood Life

Former Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker was involved in a nasty car crash when a school bus plowed into his Mercedes on July 13. We’ve got the scary details on if he was badly hurt. What a close call! Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker was involved in a terrifying car crash in Calabasas on July […]

Rainbow Six Siege Immediately Banning Players For Using Slurs

Rainbow Six Siege is a game about teamwork as much as it is about competition and Ubisoft is keen to enforce that. Since yesterday, players have been getting instantly banned when they use slurs of the racial or sexual varieties.  In April, Ubisoft penned a post on their Rainbow Six Siege blog about making attempts […]

David Foster opens up about Katharine McPhee engagement

David Foster is breaking his silence on his latest relationship news. During his Thursday, July 12, 2018, appearance on Access Live, the legendary music producer publicly commented on his recent engagement to Katharine McPhee for the first time. “We’re all great, we’re all happy,” Foster said. “And you know, for some reason, the two of us, […]

Apparently Nano isn’t the fastest coin anymore. : CryptoCurrency

Hi, Please let me know if you require more information. Current Issue The current problem is that most people think and view incentives, as a direct revenue source, mainly from the current state of Crypto, from miners receiving a transaction fees or from staking or running MasterNodes. The problem is, people currently think of how […]

What We Think God of War 2 Will Be About

Eonjay1h ago Well, (warning spoilers!!!!!!) Since the first game ends with the beginning of Ragnarok, you can expect the next God of war to be basically the end of another methos. Thor is coming obviously. I wonder how Loki’s character will evolve and will it end in the death of Kratos per the future of […]

Luk – 1 year old male Cross-Breed dog for adoption

Luk is a 1 year old Cross-Breed boy! Luk is a delightfully charming and handsome cross breed of approximately 1 year old. He is a stunning boy that has had an unfortunate start to life after being abandoned by his owner and dumped in a pound in northern Spain, where he was quickly whisked off […]

Bogart – 7 year old male Boxer dog for adoption

Bogart is a 7 year old male Boxer. Introducing our handsome Grandfather named Bogart; desperately seeking his saviour whilst battling for survival in the treacherous conditions of the shelter in northern Spain. Bogart was found on the street wearing a collar, so he was taken to the shelter where nobody collected him, so it transpired […]