New Resident Evil 2 Details, Collector’s Edition Announced

At San Diego Comic Con 2018, a Resident Evil panel was held that talked about the upcoming release of Resident Evil 2. Thanks to Twitter user ateliermatanagi for collecting information from the panel to share. During the panel, Capcom said that they consider Resident Evil 2 a new title more than a remake, which allowed them to tear […]

Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Sports 2018 Winners: The Complete List

Favorite Newcomer Aaron Judge (MLB, New York Yankees) WINNER: Allisha Gray (WNBA, Dallas Wings) Ben Simmons (NBA, Philadelphia 76ers) Deshaun Watson (NFL, Houston Texans) Donovan Mitchell (NBA, Utah Jazz) Lonzo Ball (NBA, Los Angeles Lakers) Red Gerard (Professional Snowboarder, US Team) Biggest KidAndre Drummond (NBA, Detroit Pistons) DeAndre Jordan (NBA, LA Clippers)  Julian Edelman (NFL, New […]

Hydrogen Takes On Google With The Launch Of The Hydro App

Bitcoin (BTC) – $125.13B – $7291.54 Ethereum (ETH) – $45.80B – $454.26 XRP (XRP) – $17.68B – $0.45 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – $13.18B – $764.35 EOS (EOS) – $7.03B – $7.84 Stellar (XLM) – $5.19B – $0.28 Litecoin (LTC) – $4.70B – $81.67 Cardano (ADA) – $4.20B – $0.16 IOTA (MIOTA) – $2.69B – $0.97 […]

FDA Head Says Plant-Based Milks Aren’t Milks

In what has to be the most iconic scene in Meet the Parents, an eager Ben Stiller tells his girlfriend’s parents about the time that he milked a cat so that the smallest kitten in a litter could eat. “You can milk anything with nipples,” he explained. “I have nipples, Greg,” a stone-faced Robert DeNiro […]

Stardew Valley’s multiplayer update has a release date

Developer ConcernedApe (that’s an awesome name for a dev, by the way) has confirmed that the multiplayer update for Stardew Valley will drop on August 1. The feature has been a long time coming and has been doing the rounds in beta form for months now, although it won’t arrive on PlayStation 4, Switch, and […]

18 Floors (PSVR) Review | GamePitt

Rob Pitt writes: China isn’t well known for its console video games as many of the developers tend to opt for releasing mobile games instead, as the market over there for mobile games is huge! However, every now and again we are presented with a few titles which show off the talent of the developers […]

Two umpires called this a check swing : sports The Rio de Janeiro Olympics saw many highs and several lows, not least of which was the controversy over the fairness of the boxing judges and referees. More than once, boxers complained of the officials’ inadequacy by either hinting at or, in the case of newly signed Top Rank pro Michael Conlan, blatantly saying […]