Yankees still in hot pursuit of Chris Archer

Don’t be shocked to see Chris Archer in pinstripes soon. Tampa Bay Rays starting pitcher Chris Archer has been embroiled in trade talks for what seems like an eternity. The right-hander was, at one time, seen as the anchor of the Rays starting pitching rotation, but now that ship seems to have all but sailed […]

The Bachelorette: Men Tell All Made Jordan the MVP

Well would ya look at that. The men told all!  Or at least some of the men told some, and we will not lie about the fact that we did a lot of yawning tonight. We’re just really tired in general, but we just also found ourselves a little bored by some of tonight’s “confrontations” […]

Bow Down: Beyoncé Makes Historical Changes To Vogue Magazine For September Issue Cover | Beyoncé | Celebrities

After making history as the first black woman to headline the Coachella music festival, Beyoncé is gearing up for another history making moment. Bey has reportedly brought on 23-year-old Tyler Mitchell to shoot her appearance on the September issue of Vogue magazine. According to HuffPost, Bey was granted “full control” over the cover from Vogue editor-in-chief, […]

Hundreds stranded on Mount Rinjani

A handout photo made available by Indonesian Presidential Palace shows Indonesian President Joko Widodo delivering note books to the children at an emergency shelter for the earthquake survivors in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia, July 30, 2018.(Photo: AGUS SUPARTO/PRESIDENTIAL PALACE HANDOUT, EPA-EFE) Hundreds of people trapped on a volcano on the Indonesia island Lombok […]

OK, Girl: Mo’Nique Responds To Backlash Over Defending Racist Roseanne By Explaining Exactly Why She Did It | Mo’Nique | Celebrities

Mo’Nique recently surprised many after she publicly came forward in defense of Roseanne Barr, who went on a racist tirade against former President Obama aide Valerie Jarrett. Now, after noticing the heavy backlash she has received since her endorsement of the notorious racist, the comedienne has resorted to social media to explain exactly why she […]

White Spokesman For GOP Nominee Calls Baltimore, New Orleans, And Memphis ‘Gang-Infested S***holes’ | National News

In a series of now-deleted tweets, the white spokesman for the Republican nominee from Virginia running for Senate called several cities with high populations of Black people “s***holes.” According to the Daily Beast, Rick Shaftan, who is a spokesman for Corey Stewart (pictured above), referred to Memphis, New Orleans and Baltimore as s—holes in several tweets. […]