Shaun Abrahams faces D-day over his job as ConCourt judgment looms

The Constitutional Court is on Monday expected to hand down the much-anticipated judgment on whether Shaun Abrahams’ appointment as head of the NPA was unconstitutional.  The ruling is expected to be delivered at 10:00.  In February, the Constitutional Court heard an application to confirm two declaratory orders of constitutional invalidity, made by the North Gauteng […]

Taiwanese Man Set Up 11 Phones On A Bike For Pokemon Go

Have you ever seen those people on Pokemon Go community days that carry around more than one phone to maximize their ability to catch rare Pokemon? Those people are thinking small time. The real hardcore take it to 11. Chen San-yuan has become a celebrity in Taipei for attaching multiple phones to his bike as […]

Runner at European Championships thinks the race is over and celebrates finishing 2nd in the silver medal position, but realizes too late there is still one lap to go. She finishes 4th. : sports

If it makes you feel better, she won the gold in the 10K race a few days earlier, so it’s not all bad for her. She also have an interesting life story, she never ran professionally and came to Israel from Kenya to work in the Kenyan embassy as babysitter. She was discovered while running […]

We Happy Few Review – JPS

“Part of what made BioShock great was the setting. Instead of exploring a lost city or shady section of a popular town, we got to experience what was left of an underwater utopia. Finding out how such a fascinating world met its end and learn of the events leading up to some of the stranger happenings […]

Paris Jackson Gets Support From Grandma Katherine at Her New Band’s Concert

Paris Jackson shares her late father Michael Jackson‘s passion for making music and her grandma couldn’t be prouder. Katherine Jackson, 88, who is rarely seen in public, attended her granddaughter’s second-ever concert with her new acoustic rock duo The Soundflowers at the Canyon Sessions fundraiser for F–k Cancer in Los Angeles on Saturday. “F–k. I can’t believe my grandma made it […]

The Most Popular School Lunch Recipe on Pinterest

Brown-bag lunches have come a long way since I was a kid. My school lunches were always plain sandwiches, served in order: turkey, tuna, ham, peanut butter and jelly, then back to turkey and the rotation started over again. Now kids’ lunches are way fancier — carrots are julienned, sandwiches come in adorable cartoon shapes, […]