American Horror Story Apocalypse episode 3 recap: Forbidden Fruit

It’s All Hallows Eve on American Horror Story Apocalypse and that always means trouble. Here’s your recap of “Forbidden Fruit.” Tonight’s episode begins as Michael Langon meets with Timothy and Emily, who thank him for saving their lives. Gallant doesn’t understand why he’s still alive after killing Evie. They’re all meeting individually with him and […]

Sophie Turner Slays As Jean Grey — Video – Hollywood Life

‘Dark Phoenix’ is going to be all kinds of epic. Sophie Turner debuted the very first trailer for ‘Dark Phoenix’ on ‘The Late Late Show,’ and the ‘Game of Thrones’ star managed to get even more badass. Sophie Turner, 22, is slaying on TV and on the big screen. The first trailer for the Game […]

Eruption isn’t imminent despite wild headlines

An April 17, 2010, photo shows an eruption at southern Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull glacier.(Photo: AP) Despite screaming headlines in the British tabloids and even the normally staid Sunday Times, there is no sign that Iceland’s Katla volcano will erupt any time soon, scientists say. The wild headlines warned that the “Icelandic giant is about to erupt” and […]

Red Dead Redemption 2 File Size For PS4 Is Huge

Crazyglues16m ago(Edited 8m ago) @ Neonridr You are batting a 100 percent in the “wrong again” dept… LMAO.. just kidding, some days are like that, but seriously, 1st you will still need to install even though you got disc if I’m not mistaken… LoL 🙂 -_-so still a burn either way.. @ Link2DaFutcha No it’s […]

Supreme Court nominee says new misconduct claim ‘ridiculous’

Image copyright Michael Avenatti Twitter/Getty Images Image caption Julie Swetnick (L) has written a sworn testimony of Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual misconduct at parties in the 1980s US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has dismissed a third woman’s accusation against him of misconduct as “ridiculous”. The new claim, which is being investigated by the Senate, […]

The Best Canned Salmon Dinner Recipes

While canned tuna is a pantry staple for many, canned salmon receives little attention (despite the fact that it’s just as versatile). That’s a shame, because it’s packed with all the same healthy fats as fresh salmon, and you can get it at a fraction of the price. These 10 ideas prove that a can […]