Kavanaugh drama holds lessons for South Africa

2018-09-28 08:25 The controversy surrounding the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to a seat on the United States (US) Supreme Court has raised interesting questions about the standard required for judicial appointments and the best procedure therefor.  That three women have come forward to testify about Kavanaugh’s conduct when he was a student and have […]

Sox – 7 month old male Pointer Cross dog for adoption

Sox – 7 month old male Pointer Cross Starfish Dog Rescue Gloucestershire | September 27, 2018 | Sox is nearly 7 months old Pointer mix puppy boy, being fostered in Devon with teenagers, visiting toddlers and 4 dogs. He was rehomed by us two months ago but sadly returned due to the resident […]

Ohio State criticized for ‘silence’ tweet | NCAA Football

Ohio State received backlash on social media ahead of its game against Penn State. The Buckeyes posted a tweet that was titled “silence” with the message “silence the white noise” ahead of the Penn State whiteout in the teams’ top-10 matchup, but advocates for victims of sexual assault said the message was insensitive. Silence the white noise.#GoBucks […]

One Hour Meal Prep Plan

My meal prep routine varies week to week depending on how much free time I have on Sundays. But I’ve learned that even on weekends where I only have one hour, there’s a lot I can accomplish. When time is limited, I maximize my efforts by leaning on recipes and ingredients that require minimal prep […]

Biotasphere is live now : CryptoCurrency

That was rather interesting. And I say that as a IOTA hodler who is super fed up with the constant shilling. One of the fairly sophisticated PoCs starts at about 34min into the video. Actually, imaging telling the people in 2010 that 8 years later there is a perfectly working PoC where a car automatically […]

Our Back to School (Lunch) Routine » 100 Days of Real Food

We’re finally getting into the swing of things this school year, including my youngest daughter’s transition into middle school. I have been slowly figuring out what we need to do in advance vs. the morning of to make sure things run as smoothly as possible on those hectic weekday mornings. This is the first year […]