Here’s What Ashley Jacobs Thinks of Thomas Ravenel’s Arrest

Faye Sadou/MediaPunch/ Ashley Jacobs is supporting boyfriend Thomas Ravenel following his recent arrest. A source tells E! News Ashley is “standing by Thomas,” just days after the star was arrested for alleged assault and battery of the second degree. According to the insider, she “supports him” and they have even rekindled their relationship, “although very quietly.” And with their […]

Farewell & thank you for everything! : gamers

Dear junkers, first of all, we’d like to say a big THANK YOU for supporting Galactic Junk League. Unfortunately, our space battle has come to an end and we sadly have to announce that the game will be deactivated in 90 days which also includes the option of contacting customer support. Please note, that in-game […]

Ina Garten Tip for Cutting Cauliflower No Mess

Cauliflower is huge right now. Sometimes it seems like we’re using cauliflower in everything. And cauliflower is generally very easy to cook: Just chop it up and toss it in a salad, pasta sauce, casserole, or whatever your recipe says to do. But Ina Garten recently received a question from a fan who wanted to […]

What Is Grassmilk? (+ why we like it!) » 100 Days of Real Food

When I read In Defense of Food I learned that cows evolved to eat grass, which is the healthiest diet for them. If they are overfed grains (including corn) they can become sick, which is why grain-fed cattle are sometimes given antibiotics. Michael Pollan says “you are what you eat eats, too” meaning if your meat […]

100 years ago, 50 million died. Could it happen again?

CLOSE Flu shots may not save you in an earth-engulfing pandemic of influenza that world health experts think will happen in just a matter of time. USA TODAY In this 1918 photograph, influenza victims crowd into an emergency hospital at Camp Funston, a subdivision of Fort Riley in Kansas. The flu, which is believed to […]

Broncos defense is ready for Patrick Mahomes, says Chris Harris

Patrick Mahomes has been next to unstoppable thus far, but Broncos cornerback Chris Harris says they’ll have something for the hot-shot signal caller. Through three games the Kansas City Chiefs are No.1 in the NFL in scoring offense (39.3 points per game), and Patrick Mahomes has been nearly flawless with 13 touchdowns and zero interceptions. […]

Luxury Watchmaker Hublot Unveils New Model, Available for Bitcoin Only

Swiss luxury watch brand Hublot has unveiled its new watch Big Bang Blockchain in an official announcement September 19. The new model has been released to commemorate the upcoming 10th anniversary of Bitcoin (BTC). As per Hublot’s release, the 210-piece limited edition can only be purchased with BTC. The number of units symbolises the fact […]

No PlayStation Experience Convention In 2018

PlayStation Experience, the yearly convention held by Sony to celebrate the PlayStation brand and show off new games, is not being held this year, according to Sony Interactive Entertainment chairman Shawn Layden. Layden confirmed the news on the PSBlogcast today, suggesting that there just isn’t enough to show this year. “Now that we have Spider-Man […]

How to Make Bath Time Easier For Your Dog

Last updated on September 28, 2018 By Jen Gabbard Leave a Comment Does your dog hate the bath? You’re not alone. Many dogs find bathing scary, but there are some things you can do to make the process less stressful for you and your dog. How to Make Bath Time Easier For Your Dog Before […]