Sick Stunts In Red Dead Redemption II

Rockstar is known for making bombastic games in realistic settings, but for Red Dead Redemption II, the developer took a step back to deliver something a little more contemplative about the nature of the old west, the criminal lifestyle, and the relationship that forms in the middle of an adopted family. But that doesn’t mean […]

8-Bit Armies (PS4) Review | GamePitt

Rob Pitt writes: If I was to ask you to name one genre which hasn’t really had much exposure on current consoles, I imagine a lot of people would say the RTS genre. Sure, we’ve had Halo Wars and Sudden Strike 4, but we’ve not had a lot – why? I imagine it’s because a […]

10 Easy Ways to Exercise Your Dog

Last updated on November 1, 2018 By Jen Gabbard Leave a Comment Dogs need regular exercise just like us, and developing a daily exercise routine is key when it comes to keeping our dogs physically and mentally fit. And although we’ve heard it before I think it’s fair to say it’s a problem many of […]

“We focused too much on Rocky Mountain lifestyle” – Molson Coors moves to stabilise Coors Light | Beverage Industry News

Coors Light is the subject of a new US activation, aimed at 21-to-34-year-old consumers The CEO of MillerCoors has detailed plans to revitalise the Coors Light lager brand in the US. Speaking to analysts following yesterday’s Q3 results announcement, Gavin Hattersley admitted that MillerCoors, which handles Molson Coor’s US operations, had previously “focused too much on […]

Homemade Japanese Curry

When we went to Japan over the summer, one of my favorite meals was Japanese curry. I’d never had (or even heard of) Japanese curry before this trip and oh. my. goodness, was it YUMMY! One of the things I loved about Japan was the wide variety of traditional foods we got to try. I […]