Fallout 76 Review – Over Encumbered

The super mutants pressed their attack and my health worsened. As I weaved in and out of dilapidated buildings searching for a temporary safe zone to heal up and find a weapon that could handle this threat, the mutants’ numbers grew. They closed in on my location; their machine-gun fire intensifying, and their grenade tosses […]

Free Food You Can Get For Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and basically everything between Thanksgiving and Christmas seem to be about spending money — even the best of sales requires a little bit of cash on hand. But there’s a saving grace hidden among the spend, spend, spend mentality, and it’s the thing that will keep you sane as you rush […]

Tristan Thompson feels ‘awkward’ about KUWTK coverage

https://www.nickiswift.com/136… knows better than most that reliving personal drama on reality TV takes some getting used to. During her Wednesday, Nov. 21, 2018, appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star opened up about watching Tristan Thompson‘s headline-making cheating scandal on girlfriend Khloé Kardashian play out on television. “It is awkward, especially for […]

My Favorite Cost-Saving Kitchen Tip

Don’t you hate it when you learn a new tip that is so incredibly simple and obvious (and helpful!), but you just never thought of it before? Well, that’s exactly what happened to me when I first implemented a very simple system in our kitchen that has saved us SO much money on what would have […]

Microwave Caramels | The Recipe Critic

Microwave Caramels are so incredibly easy to make and they turn out perfect!  Soft chewy and perfect caramel texture made right in your microwave!  We love all recipes that have caramel in them!  Be sure to try these other caramel desserts:  Salted Caramel Brownie Bites, Chocolate Caramel Fudge, or these Peanut Butter Caramel Chocolate Chip […]