YouTube kid stars who are already making millions

Cuteness is a commodity. Launched in 2008, Hulyan Maya claims to be YouTube’s very first “family toy unboxing channel.” (“Unboxing” videos, a highly lucrative YouTube genre, simply features people opening presents and product boxes.) Each video stars Hulyan and Maya, sisters who live for three things: “Fun, playtime, and adventures.” According to an ABC News profile, these toy-testing tots drum up roughly 3 million views […]

Valve Announces Artifact Comic In Multiple Parts

Artifact, Valve’s Dota 2-based card game, is coming out in a matter of days. Valve has been eager to hook Dota 2 fans into the game’s world through the card art, but hasn’t really talked much about lore since its announcement. That changes with the newest Dota 2 comic titled Prelude which ties the two […]

Pro Cooking Tips from Restaurant Kitchens

When it comes to top-notch restaurants, head chefs often rack up the attention and acclaim. But ask anyone who has worked behind the scenes in restaurants and they’ll tell you: The cooks are the ones who make the kitchen run. They know how to peel 100 potatoes while simultaneously boiling perfectly al dente pasta. They’re […]

Red Dead Online beta is launching tomorrow

Rockstar Games has announced that the beta for Red Dead Online, the multiplayer component for Red Dead Redemption 2, will launch on November 27. Yes, that’s tomorrow. The online westerner will see a staggered release. Initially, the beta will only be available for those who purchased the Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition, and the […]