Obsidian Teasing New Sci-Fi Game With Countdown

At XO18 earlier this month, Microsoft announced that they intend to acquire Obsidian Entertainment, the RPG studio behind games like Pillars of Eternity, Fallout: New Vegas, Alpha Protocol. Now, not even a month out from that announcement, Obsidian looks ready to announce their next new game and is giving hints of what it might be. Geoff Keighley, […]

Costco Now Sells Personal Chocolate Lava Cakes

Most of America might be just barely recovered from the latest run on Costco’s most famous dessert — the pumpkin pie that hasn’t changed in 31 years. The 12-inch pie, which weighs four pounds and can feed a crowd, sells in the millions every year. And, of course, we’ve already fallen in love with the […]

Holiday Gift Guide 2018 (with some great deals!)

This post is by blog team member, Kiran. To learn more about Kiran, check out our team page or her website! It’s that time again, friends. Time to find gifts for loved and cherished ones, near and far. What to gift them? Have no fear—we’ve got a few great ideas for you in our holiday […]

Beat Saber – PSVR Review | Ulvespill

UltimateOwnage26m ago Beat Saber is amazing. I’ve played it so much, and just when you think it will become repetitive the difficulty ramps up and it pushes your physical limits even further. The only thing that can hold the player back is the speed of your eyes and muscles when you’re light-sabering a 130 block […]