Peyton Manning Will Not Run For Office, Says Tennessee Senator

Peyton Manning Will NOT Run For Political Office … Says U.S. Senator 12/18/2018 2:26 PM PST EXCLUSIVE Sorry, Tennessee … Peyton Manning will NOT be the state’s next senator — so says one of its current ones, Bob Corker. FYI, Corker is leaving office next month after 11 years in the Senate — and fellow […]

Celebs who had a really amazing 2018

It’s easy to love Donald Glover because he’s so incredibly talented in so many different ways and he’s been so successful — particularly in 2018 — at basically everything he’s tried. Early in the year, Glover unveiled the second season of Atlanta, his genre-defying, totally original, and often-surreal series. One episode in particular was even more ambitious […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Icing Cookies

Icing helps transform cookies from plain and simple to colorful and beautiful — not to mention the fact that it makes them even more delicious. While decorating cookies with icing isn’t nearly as tough as it may seem, there are a few mistakes you want to be sure to avoid. 1. Not using the right […]

Crème Brûlée French Toast | The Recipe Critic

Crème Brûlée French Toast combines fluffy thick slices of Brioche bread with the same sweet and creamy ingredients in Crème Brûlée for a great breakfast. If you love French toast, you’re really going to love this recipe. Think about the best French toast you’ve ever had. Now imagine it tasting more rich and decadent. That’s […]

Battlefield V dev rolls back controversial TTK update

DICE has revealed it has backtracked on the recent Battlefield V update, which implemented a number of controversial time-to-kill changes to the World War II shooter. The idea behind the patch was to make things a little easier newcomers, although longtime players weren’t too happy with the changes made. Initially, DICE rolled out a ‘Core’ […]