Replay – The Santa Versus Krampus Holiday Spectacular

Watch us play a bunch of wild holiday-themed games as we restore Kyle’s belief in Santa Claus. For reasons we will never know (and honestly don’t care about), Kyle stopped believing in Santa Claus. Why anyone would stop believing in such a wonderful, caring, and real being is beyond comprehension. We found the perfect game […]

Epic Games Store is being divisive and predatory. : gamers

I was quietly annoyed when the timed-exclusives were announced but now with the full exclusivity of TWD Final Season I have to say something.My friend said it nicely: “Instead of being an alternative to other clients, Epic is trying to “compete” by pursuing monopolistic practices and keeping games hostage. I fail to see how exclusivity […]

BioWare: Anthem Competitive PvE Would Be a “Great Fit”

Seraphim1h ago(Edited 1h ago) the problem with post launch is that often times this content comes too little too late. Games such as these need an end game system and content that keeps players engaged after the campaign has ended. Not to say Anthem doesn’t have anything. But often times this extra stuff that should […]

Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment DotA2 : gamers

Hi everyone This is my custom game of DotA2: I have research on the game, and I want players to play the game so that I can record the results for my research. The game has the same options of difficulty that is in the default DotA2 game and a new option which is […]

Prince William, Kate Middleton make big holiday change

Royal couple Prince William and Kate Middleton have made a decision regarding their holiday plans for the foreseeable future. A source told Us Weekly that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will no longer be alternating between spending Christmas with the royal family and with the Middletons. Instead, William and Middleton will only be celebrating […]