‘Severe Pelvic Pain’ & More – Hollywood Life

Catelynn Lowell gave fans an update on her pregnancy — find out how close she is to delivering her third child! The ‘Teen Mom OG’ star also revealed her third trimester pains, begging her unborn baby to go easy on ‘momma.’ Catelynn Lowell, 26, will be 32 weeks pregnant as of Jan. 9, announcing the […]

Breaking: R. Kelly Under Investigation For Criminal Charges In Georgia | Music

During the aftermath of “Surviving R. Kelly,” the disgraced singer is reportedly under criminal investigation. Just a few days after the premiere of the six-part Lifetime documentary series, the Fulton County District Attorney’s office announced they’re looking into sexual abuse allegations against Robert Kelly. Authorities have reportedly reached out to multiple women involved in the […]

Tick Boxes During Toolbox Talks

Your warehouse safety checklist is an integral part of keeping workers safe. It’s important to do regular and complete inspections or audits of your space, equipment, and procedures. Detailed lists are an effective way to make sure you’re thorough. But workers aren’t always fond of this tool. Checklists can be tedious. And they can feel […]

Resident Evil 2 ‘1-shot’ demo coming this week

Capcom has announced the long-rumoured 1-shot Resident Evil 2 demo is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 11. Just like the JLS song, you only get one shot. Seriously, it wasn’t a bad tune at all; it’s a pity they broke up after just five years. Anyway, the demo has you […]

What you need to know about Olive Oil (+ easy recipe videos!)

I don’t know if you’re aware, but many supermarket olive oils here in the US are unfortunately counterfeits. They’ve often been diluted with cheap oils and additives—which is exactly what many of us are trying to avoid—and then sold to us at a premium! This is exactly why I am partnering with the Fresh-Pressed Olive […]

Smoky Paprika Fish Tacos with an Apple Slaw

Smoky Paprika Fish Tacos with an Apple Slaw is one-of-a-kind Taco Tuesday kind of party with a flavorful, fun taste. You will not find a recipe with so many ingredients bursting with flavor and seasoning that puts smiles on everyones faces bite after bite. Thick, plump seasoned Smoky Paprika Fish that is light and tasty in every taco with […]