They ‘Make You Hate Yourself’ – Hollywood Life

Jameela Jamil is one of the loudest celeb voices in the body positivity movement. Here’s why she has zero time for people who try to shame others into losing weight. Anyone who knows anything about Jameela Jamil knows this essential fact – she hates diet teas, with a passion. The 32-year-old The Good Place actress […]

Easy Mini Burritos | The Recipe Critic

Easy Mini Burritos are packed with ground chicken, pinto beans, Pico de Gallo and flavorful Mexican rice. A classic burrito that is ready to show your tastebuds the next level. These Mini Burritos will leave you wanting more!   Easy Mini Burritos I am a lover of all things flavorful and adding the extra ingredients for these Mini Burritos just […]

The 3 Best Meal Planning Apps You Should Know About

Truth be told, when it comes to meal planning, I’ve long taken the old-school pen-and-paper approach. In part because I’m a list maker at heart who loves a good notebook and colored pens, and also because I believed it to be the simplest approach. But turns out I might have really been missing something along […]