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It wasn’t just Beychella. Beyonce’s suffered from nine major wardrobe malfunctions and near-misses over the years. See each and every one here!

Look, even Queen Bey isn’t actually flawless! Beyonce has had a wardrobe malfunction or two, or three, or four, throughout her decade plus career, but she’s never let it stop her game. Take Coachella 2018, for instance. Bey’s headlining performance on April 14 was incredible, remarkable, historic — all of the above. She danced and performed for nearly two hours, and had five outfit changes through the set, including her nails (if you ask some fans). But there were a couple moments when things almost unraveled, and we mean literally!

Fans were immediately chanting “someone’s getting fired” after they noticed poor Beyonce basically had to hold her camo top together during her epic Destiny’s Child Coachella reunion. That should have gone off without a hitch, but there was clearly a problem during her costume fitting. While wearing a different outfit during another part of the performance, her sexy thigh-high, patent leather boots slid down to her ankles. You can see the zipper starting to slide down in the pic below!

Beyonce at Coachella
Aced1500 / SplashNews

Something as inconsequential as a little wardrobe malfunction has never stopped Beyonce from dancing her ass off or just powering through life as a total queen. At one point, her braid got caught in her earring onstage and she kept performing with blood streaming out of her ear! That’s professionalism. For pics of that moment, and eight other wardrobe malfunctions and near-misses, scroll through our gallery above!

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