Did YBN Almighty Jay Dump Blac Chyna? ‘I’m A Free Man’ – Hollywood Life

Wait, what?! The rapper YBN Almighty Jay is sharing comments that sure sound like he pulled the plug on his relationship with Blac Chyna! Take a look at what he said right here!

Over already!? Blac Chyna‘s new man YBN Almighty Jay chimed in on fellow rapper Zoey Dollaz‘s Instagram live-streaming on Sunday, May 6, with some vague but possibly telling statements! “I cut her off bro,” he wrote. That sure sounds like he ended things with Chyna! He followed that up with, “I’m a free man.” OMG!

These surprising comments come just hours after Jay dropped another telling statement. That time, he left a heart-eye emoji on one of Instagram model India Love‘s pics! If they split, this comment makes a little more sense! Remember, just last month reports began to surface that Chyna was engaged to 18-year-old rapper AND carrying his child! She quickly shut down the engagement rumors with a video of her left hand missing a ring. As for the possible baby news, we’re hearing it’s false too but the 29-year-old stunner was definitely enjoying the speculation!

Blac is not pregnant but she loves letting people think she is,” a insider EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife.com. “She lives for this kind of attention. She knows it’s driving Rob [Kardashian] crazy, so she’s going to keep this rumor going for as long as she can. Plus, the rumors are a huge turn on for her and her boyfriend. He loves fantasizing about getting her pregnant, so any chance she gets to play into it she’ll take.” If they are really over, then what derailed this steamy relationship?! Let’s hope Jay clears the air on what’s actually going on soon!

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