Does This Sound Like She’s Faking One? – Hollywood Life

Does Meghan Markle have a fake British accent now? Some are convinced after hearing her speak to a fan in a new video. Listen for yourself here and decide!

Conspiracy theory time! Not only is Meghan Markle a robot, but she’s apparently also a robot faking a bad British accent, according to Twitter. An adoring fan posted a video on Twitter of a recent encounter with the new Duchess of Sussex, and she admittedly sounds quite different than she normally does. Is that a hint of a British accent we hear? It’s faint, but there’s definitely an Adele-level “fank you” in there!

“Well she is an actress so she is used to faking,” someone joked in response to the video. Another person tweeted, “Attention, Meghan Markle… Bear in mind the name ‘Madonna’ and consider how the British public reacts to those, like YOU, who decide to adopt a very DODGY, and eminently PHONY, BRITISH ACCENT…” Ouch! Another Twitter user was similarly critical, writing, “I saw a video on the @TODAYshow of Meghan Markle (the Duchess of Sussex) talking to some people in a crowd. It sounded like she was speaking in a British accent… I cannot with all that. She hasn’t lived there long enough to even have accidentally picked that up. #CringeWorthy”

So mean! A lot of people weren’t critical of Meghan’s perceived accent, and even offered an explanation for what we’re all hearing. Basically, Meghan has been in a relationship with an English man for two years, has married into his family, and has been living in England, where she’s, of course, surrounded by Brits. She’s unconsciously starting to sound like them! “Accents are NOT biological, they’re cultural, and they’re something you can pick up anywhere you go if you’re entrenched deeply enough,” a Twitter user explained.

We’re eager to hear more interviews with Meghan to see if her new accent gets stronger — or if we’re just hearing things!

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