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Soapy selfies are the best! Here’s all the gorgeous celebs who can’t help sharing pics from the tub!

What’s better than a warm bath? Basically nothing, right? Except maybe sharing that sexy occasion with the rest of the world! And in Hollywood, there’s a certain group of women who are absolute masters at making our jaws drop when bath time rolls around! So let’s take a moment to peruse pics of the gorgeous stunners who just can’t keep their time in the tub to themselves — and we are so glad!

Among them is none other that Aussie rapstress Iggy Azalea! When the 27-year-old climbed into the tub last month, she made sure all her fans got in on the fun! While carefully covering herself with bubbles (and her tatted arm), the talented performer put her insane curves on display! She even shared the briefest of videos from the relaxing moment — and it is also insanely hot!

Also, for some, climbing in the bath isn’t just a chance to relax, it’s also when you enjoy a delicious meal! The likes of Emily Ratajkowski, 26, and Courtney Stodden, 23, have proudly shared when the took their scrumptious food to the bath and, although it might not be where most people dine, they make it look just about perfect!

Another trend we totally adore when it comes to bathtub selfies are those candid moments when bathers take a moment to play in the bubbles! Rihanna, 30, did just that while posing for a selfie — blowing at some suds while lounging the day away. And Miley Cyrus, 25, took it to the next level, per usual! She didn’t pose in the tub but she DID cover her face in suds before snapping a photo! And, of course she posed nearly nude while sticking her tongue — because this is Miley! Never stop sharing sexy, silly, scandalous selfies from the tub, ladies!

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