Is Nicky Alive On ‘This Is Us’ — New Theory Questions His Death – Hollywood Life

The ‘her’ mystery isn’t the only big mystery of ‘This Is Us’ season 3. What happened to Jack’s brother? Could Nicky still be alive? Well, one theory will have you questioning whether or not the character is actually dead.

Jack’s brother, Nicky (Michael Angarano), will be featured in This Is Us season 3. The show will be flashing back to Jack’s Vietnam days, where Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) has said his younger brother died. He hasn’t offered any more details about his beloved brother, which has made some fans wonder about the full story.

Refinery 29 has come up with a solid theory that claims Nicky could still be alive: “Nicky came back from Vietnam, but came back with a slew of mental health problems that forced Jack to sever ties with his brother. Just as Jack hid his father from his kids and wife Rebecca (Mandy Moore), it’s possible that Uncle Nicky was cut out of Jack’s life for the sake of his own family. When Jack said Nicky ‘died’ in Vietnam, he was being partially honest: The man who he used to know did die in the battlefield. Or at least was lost there.” The outlet also points out that when Jack takes teen Randall to see the Vietnam Memorial, he never mentions Nicky, which is odd for someone like Jack.

At the end of season 2, This Is Us flashed forward and showed Kevin heading to Vietnam with Zoe. Justin Hartley teased to People that Kevin will be “trying to find out what exactly his father did over there besides the obvious, and who he might have met, who might still be around. Are there people available that he could talk to fill in some clues as to who Jack was?” The “who might still be around” part could be a possible hint about Nicky, right? Anything is possible with This Is Us. The show loves to Jedi mind trick us! This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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