Justin Bieber Checks On Collapsed Man After Leaving Barry’s Bootcamp  – Hollywood Life

What a good Samaritan! Justin Bieber stopped to check on an injured man in the street on April 9th. See the pics here!

In our eyes, Justin Bieber, 24, can do no wrong. And just in case you need another reason to love the “What Do You Mean” singer, we’ve got you covered! After leaving Barry’s Bootcamp in West Hollywood on Monday, Justin stopped what he was doing to ask EMTs how an injured man was doing. The individual reportedly fainted in the street right in front of Justin’s black SUV! So crazy, right? Being the good man that he is, Justin waited with the ambulance until he was told that the individual would be okay. In the pics, Just can be seen looking extremely concerned dressed in a large white shirt and khaki shorts. SEE THE PHOTOS HERE! 

We love seeing this side of Justin, and it appears he’s recovered from his soccer injury on April 7. If you recall, Justin hit up Playa Vista, CA to play a game of soccer with his friends. However, things didn’t go as planned because Justin appeared to have twisted his ankle. He was photographed shouting and clutching his leg, so we can imagine it was pretty painful. But, after seeing him out and about on April 9, it’s clear he’s doing just fine!

Since splitting from Selena Gomez, 25, Justin has been extremely active. From trips to Soul Cycle, hikes at Runyon Canyon, and Bootcamp classes, it’s clear he’s trying to keep himself occupied. After all, breakups are tough even for celebrities! “He is trying not to be bitter or disappointed that they are not together, but it’s challenging for him not to think about her all the time. He misses her and it hurts to not be with her,” a source close to JB shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. Maybe after seeing his heroic act, Selena will reconsider!

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