Justin Bieber Swats Fan’s Phone After Aggressive Selfie– Watch – Hollywood Life

Woah! Justin Bieber’s selfie with a fan took an unexpected turn when thing got pretty physical! Watch the awkward interaction here!

When it comes to Justin Bieber, 24, some Beliebers get a little too excited. While walking to his car on April 7, the “What Do You Mean” singer was approached by a very aggressive fan, who we assume wanted to take a selfie. However, when the fan tried to take the pic, Justin slapped his phone away! Although it’s unclear as to why the situation escalated, we have reason to believe it had something to do with the nasty fall he took while playing soccer that same day. If you recall, Justin and his friends took a trip to Playa Vista, CA to enjoy a game, but it didn’t go as planned because Justin appeared to have twisted his ankle. Poor thing! So, maybe the twisted ankle and the aggressive fan was not a good combination. Take a look at the video below!

Unfortunately, that wouldn’t be the last awkward fan encounter for JB. As we previously told you, an unidentified brunette was photographed waiting for Justin after his morning exercise on April 8. The fan was creepily spotted standing outside Justin’s car with a gift and a flower for him! So weird, right? However, this fan encounter didn’t end in a physical altercation. Instead, JB reportedly politely declined the gift and went on his way!

Nevertheless, we can totally understand why Justin’s April 9 fan encounter didn’t go so well. I mean, it has to be nerve-racking to have strangers approach you constantly! Plus, he’s still trying to figure out things with his estranged love Selena Gomez, 25. “Just hasn’t texted or spoken to Selena since they went their separate ways, but not because he doesn’t want to– the exact opposite in fact– he’s just respecting her wishes and giving her some time,” a source close to Justin shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “It drives Justin crazy having zero communication,” the source continued. Clearly, JB has been going through it!

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