Paola Mayfield’s Pregnancy Workouts — Are They Safe? – Hollywood Life

Baby bump and all, this ’90 Day Fiance’ star has never looked better! Paola stays in shape by hitting the gym hard, and we’ve got an expert opinion on whether pregnant mommas should mimic her moves.

Paola Mayfield, 31, is one hot mom-to-be! The 90 Day Fiance star might be pregnant, but thanks to a ton of time at the gym, she’s still in incredible shape — and isn’t afraid to show that off on social media in lingerie and skintight dresses. Paola also regularly shares footage working out. “I can still see my abs,” she captioned a video four weeks after announcing that she and her husband Russ Mayfield, 31, were expecting. “I haven’t changed my routine that much. I have days that I don’t feel like working out, but I make sure that I don’t listen to that voice unless I really feel the need to let my body rest. Mommy knows best.” But are her workouts really safe? Better Living Expert, podcast host and consultant Kathy Kaehler took a look at the fit mom’s footage and had some advice.

For starters, expecting moms need to be extra careful in the gym, thanks to pliable joints and weight gain. “Your balance may be a little different as you gain weight,” Kathy explained. “As your body is preparing for delivery, certain moves could potentially put you at an increased risk of injury.” But if Paola has a long history of weighted squats and leg presses, as she’s shown off on Instagram during her pregnancy, then she is less at risk of hurting herself. “Every pregnancy is unique, so it’s easy to say that these moves may be aggressive, but if the body already has a familiarity to it and you’re used to training those muscles, just be sure to tell your doctor exactly what you’re doing,” Kathy said. “Maybe before, Paola was lifting twice that amount of weight, a real powerhouse in the gum, and this is now her version of cutting back.”

That same sentiment was shown in recent studies that monitored the pregnancies of elite athletes doing intense physical training. These women, although they were doing far more than the leisurely walks and swimming pool laps usually recommended for expecting moms, didn’t show any difference in rates of safe labors and deliveries. So for the trolls bashing Paola on social media for putting her baby at risk, maybe it’s time to consider her pregnant moms aren’t as fragile as we’d been led to believe.

There are some precautions that need to be taken, though. “Later in the pregnancy, it’s best to avoid extended periods of time on your back, and on your left side compared to your right side,” Kathy said. “There are other precautions depending on if you have any type of diabetes or higher blood pressure or heart rate during pregnancy. It really depends on the person.”

So here’s to hoping Paola has been consulting her doctor about all of these moves — and listening to her body. It’s no secret that she looks phenomenal, but we want the reality star to stay safe as well.

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