Real Housewives who were born poor

The Real Housewives of Potomac are like Bravo’s forgotten step-sisters. They’re often overshadowed by New Jersey’s insane table-flipping and Beverly Hills’ perfectly aimed cocktail throws. Even E! News ranks the series among the bottom of the bunch. However, that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in drama. The series’ beauty queen Ashley Darby was embroiled in a sexual assault scandal after accusations were leveled against her husband Michael Darby. (According to Peoplethe charges have since been dropped.)

Bravo reports that Michael introduced Ashley to “a world she never knew existed.” Since he’s a millionaire real estate mogul, we’re guessing this means money — and lots of it. Ashley didn’t come from an affluent household. In fact, she was far from it. In an interview with The Breakfast Club, she spoke about her childhood and about how she never knew her father.

“Maybe it’s better in the long term because he actually was a little bit abusive to me as a baby, as well, my mother was telling me,” she said. “She was like, ‘I rescued you from that situation and he ran back to Georgia.'”

As the oldest sibling of a single-parent household, Ashley had to work multiple jobs to help her mother stay afloat. Even after attending college, she took a side-gig bartending to help with her family’s finances. That’s where she was scouted for the Miss District of Columbia Pageant, which she ultimately won.

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