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Forget a big wedding. Kendall Jenner wants to get married at city hall, she revealed in the Sept. 30 episode of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians.’ But is she ready to put her spontaneity into play?

Against her friends’ advice to “hoe it up,” which you can watch above, Kendall Jenner, 22, is already thinking about marriage. But she doesn’t want to think too long about making the life-long commitment! “I literally want to run to the city hall and get married and just be like ‘F**k it, let’s go right now,’” Kendall revealed to friend and celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin in the Sept. 30 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. “Just like, spur of the moment.” What better timing than for the episode to air now, given the whirlwind romance between her and fellow runway regular Anwar Hadid, 19! Their make out session after the CFDA Awards in June was just the appetizer for a fun fling that started in September after Kenny’s casual relationship with NBA star Ben Simmons, 22, simmered.

Can you hear the wedding bells? Although Season 15 of KUWTK was filmed before Kendall and Anwar hopped from Milan to Paris Fashion Week, the most low-key member of the KarJenner clan proved she’s still a romantic! Jen pointed out that Kenny “doesn’t have a type” after Kendall shared her shocking wedding plans. It turns out the brunette beauty’s preference in men is just as chill as her nuptials will be. “I don’t have a type — you cute, you cute,” Kendall said during the episode, agreeing with the family friend. “Like, who am I going to marry? A piece of advice that my dad always told me is that in a relationship, when you meet someone young, the hardest thing to do is change with them.”

Jen took a cue from Caitlyn Jenner’s parental wisdom. “That’s why I think you shouldn’t get married until you’re like, in your late 20s,” she told Kendall. “Who knows, you might not even want to get married. Your generation is probably going to be like, ‘Ugh, marriage is so old-fashioned.’” For someone as laid back towards relationships as Kendall is, the model’s next words come as a surprise! “No, I want to get married,” Kendall said, matter-of-fact. You hear that Anwar?

Kendall Jenner Anwar Hadid
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But Kendall’s affair with Gigi and Bella’s little brother is still in the early stages. Kendall and Anwar haven’t exchanged boyfriend and girlfriend titles yet, so it might be a while before calling each other “husband” and “wife” is a possibility. But you never know! “Kendall’s having so much fun with Anwar, she’s not putting labels on it but he’s going out of his way to make her feel like a queen and she’s loving it,” a source close to Kendall EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife on Sept. 27. “It’s not just a physical attraction, although she does think he’s sexy as hell, they connect on a lot of levels.” The pair were last seen throwing down at a PFW Chrome Hearts bash on Sept. 25, although no PDA was snapped, as you can see above. But a hickey on Anwar’s neck said bonjour to the world after appearing on his trip to France’s capital! Yes, again.

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