The truth about Paris Jackson and Cara Delevingne

After their initial meeting, Paris Jackson and Cara Delevingne spent a lot of time together. “They really hit it off at the MTV Movie & TV Awards in LA in May and have been hanging out since,” a source told The Sun.

They posed for various lovey-dovey photos, including a picture of them looking super couple-y with a pair of beautiful white doves (pictured, right). Jackson captioned the picture with the lyrics to John Williams’ song “Christmas Star”:  “Midnight stars, they sail the sky in silence. Hearing all they see, are they hearing me? Christmas star, you watch the world so wisely; at my journey’s end, will you be my true friend.” Aww!

But the romance was apparently short-lived. By May 2018, Jackson was caught kissing TV personality Tom Kilbey’s girlfriend, Molly … in Kilbey’s presence, might we add. 

The following month, it was revealed that Delevingne and Jackson had decided to go their separate ways. “They realized that neither are willing to put the effort in to take their relationship to the next level and make things serious,” an insider told The Sun.

Despite pumping the brakes on their fling, the duo agreed to keep things amicable. “They will still see each other when they can on a friendly basis but both of them lead extremely hectic lives,” the source added.

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