The untold truth of Mohamed Hadid and Shiva Safai

Hadid has five kids from previous relationships. There’s Alana and Marielle from his first wife, Mary Butler. Then, there are supermodels Gigi and Bella, and his son Anwar that he had with his second wife, Yolanda. 

Safai came into their relationship without any children of her own, and she has settled perfectly into the role of playing stepmom. Still, it might be nice for her to have children one day, but as time passes by, Safai isn’t sure she wants to be a mommy.

Speaking with Maria Menounos’ SiriumXM show, she stated she had the urge to have kids during her first marriage, but that urge had since dwindled. She also realized that time wasn’t necessarily on Hadid’s side. “If I were him I wouldn’t want to have kids, his youngest is 18.” she said. 

Hadid also reportedly told Safai it would be selfish for him to have kids this late in his life, knowing that when the children grow up, he likely wouldn’t be around for them.

But, Safai kept the door ajar to allow the possibility for motherhood to play a part in her future. “Mentally and physically I’m not ready for it, but maybe in three years,” she said.

We don’t have a dog in this fight. We just hope Safai isn’t putting her own needs and wants on the back burner just to appease her beau.

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