Trump’s Not A Germaphobe If He Was Stormy – Hollywood Life

Did we hear that correctly? ‘SNL’ Weekend Update roasted President Trump again, this time going after his so-called germaphobia for some VERY raunchy reasons!

We’re dying! Colin Jost, 35, and his Weekend Update cohort Michael Che, 34, targeted President Donald Trump again on the April 14 episode of Saturday Night Live, which is pretty standard these days. They took it to an entirely new level this time, though, finally calling the president’s bluff on being a self-proclaimed germaphobe. As Che’s so eloquently put it, he can’t be a germaphobe if he’s “out there raw dogging porn stars.” Yikes!

Oh no…do we have to explain what that means? Earmuffs, kids. You see, “raw dogging” is the act of having sex without wearing a condom. Che’s saying that Trump can’t use being a germaphobe as an excuse if he’s having unprotected sex with an adult film star, which his alleged mistress, porn star Stormy Daniels, said he did. Don’t blame us for getting that image stuck in your head — Blame Michael Che. We sure are! Trump’s pulled the germaphobe card a lot during his presidency, but he can’t really beat that logic. Better luck next time, chief!

The germaphobe topic came up on Weekend Update because Trump’s been trying to deny the “pee tape” allegations again, but saying a germaphobe wouldn’t let people pee on or around them during sex. Again, sorry you had to think about the president receiving and/or giving a golden shower. Blame Che!

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