Twitter Is Slamming The Group’s Fans For Discrimination – Hollywood Life

This is so sad! Black supporters of BTS have shared they’ve experienced racism from other fans, and they’re putting a stop to it by using the hashtag #BlackARMYsMatter. Find out why here!

When it comes to musicians, most fans are united by their music. But, this is not the case for K-pop group BTS. Unfortunately, their fans are divided based on racial prejudices. A project conducted by BuzzFeed news revealed that several African American fans were targeted by racist trolls. Jenna Wood explained to the outlet that she joined a Twitter group for BTS fans, but was in for quite a surprise when the members cyber bullied her because of her skin. “We were all sending selfies so I joined in,” she explained. “But a few moments later I began to feel overwhelmed because there were so many people talking at once so I decided to leave,” Jenna continued.

Sadly, things took a dark turn when her friend informed her that once she left the group, some members edited her selfie and lightened her skin. “Reading how the others had called me a ‘white queen’ was so disrespectful,” Jenna added. How terrible! “It honestly made me feel less of a person because they would do something this horrible to someone like me who was only there to have fun but I was wrong and targeted,” Jenna explained. Just like Jenna, fellow BTS fan Deja Ferguson also experienced racism from other fans when an anonymous user told her to “come to my plantation and pick cotton for me and if your light enough you could be a house n****r.”

However, not all fans feel this way. In fact, a few have started using the hashtags #BlackArmysMatter and #BlackArmyBeauty in response to the negative messages African Americans received. For those of you who don’t know, BTS fans are referred to as the “Army.” So, that is the reason behind the hashtag. Nevertheless, it’s completely heartbreaking to hear fans are being torn down by others based on their race. Take a look at the tweets above!

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