Will Klaus & Caroline Get Together? – Photos – Hollywood Life

‘The Originals’ is back for one last ride. In new photos from the season premiere, Klaus and Caroline come face-to-face. Could the final season give Klaroline fans the relationship they’ve wanted for so long?

This is the beginning of the end for The Originals, and the show is pulling out all the stops to make sure that this final season is one to remember. The final season premieres April 20, and a familiar face from The Vampire Diaries will appear: Caroline! Yes, Klaus and Caroline are crossing paths once again, so you know this is going to be GOOD. In photos from the season 5 premiere, Klaus and Caroline look like they’re having a very serious conversation. I mean, Klaus has blood on his hand and it looks like there’s a few dead bodies on the floor.

The final season of The Originals will jump forward 7 years. A older Hope takes drastic measures to bring her father back to New Orleans. Meanwhile, Klaus has been on a murderous rampage throughout Europe, which leads to his encounter with Caroline. Cue the rejoicing of the Klaroline fandom!

We are ALL aware of the chemistry between Klaus and Caroline. Electric is an understatement. But could these two end up back together romantically? Well, creator and EP Julie Plec isn’t saying yes, but she’s not saying no. “I wouldn’t say that these star-crossed lovers get to collide and live happily ever after – one, I wouldn’t say that because I don’t want to spoil anything – but two, I think that their relationship is more mature than that at this point,” she told TV Guide. “They’ve got a lot to learn from each other before we even see where that could go.” She did say that “the feelings” Klaus had for Caroline “have always lingered in the back of his mind.”

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