Wiz Khalifa Roasting Amber Rose At Coachella Will Have You In Tears

Feminista and Hollywood model Amber Rose showed up and showed out for Coachella 2018 while the father of her child and Pittsburgh rap star Wiz Khalifa showed off under one of her Instagram pictures.

Amber posted a photo of her Coachella crew as the four posed in their Cali swaggy, festival fits. The SlutWalk founder rocked a baggy pair of orange pants, and a long-sleeve white shirt topped over by a black, leather bra.

When the photo hit Wiz’s timeline, he dropped in for some playtime with the head Rosebud.

“Who’s the dude wit the big head and orange pants?” he wrote.

Amber clapped back with, “hahaha chilllllllllllllll son, that’s yo big headed baby mama.”

Obviously, the two were having some timeline fun for the fans, and are in great graces with each other amid their now-separated love relationship. We’re happy to know their keeping the co-parenting spirit alive and well for their 5-year-old son, Sebastian, also.

See Wiz’s quick roast up for his “big headed baby mama” below.

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