Altcoins See Red, While Bitcoin Shows Dogged Resilience

The crypto markets are somewhat bearish today, August 21, with virtually all of the top twenty coins by market cap seeing losses of 3-6 percent on average, as Coin360 data shows. Bitcoin (BTC) continues to show relative resilience – the top coin nonetheless continues to trade below the $6,500 price point. Despite a short-lived market […]

Bitcoin News Summary – August 20, 2018

Here’s what happened this week in Bitcoin in 99 seconds.  The popular mining company Bitmain is looking to IPO, forcing it to disclose its financial position. Surprisingly, Bitmain has over 1 million Bitcoin Cash while their Bitcoin holdings are at only 71,560. Analysts say that this outsize Bitcoin Cash position represents a major liability […]

Kin (still in beta) surpasses daily active users of all Ethereum Dapps combined, then adds that amount over again in new users over 24 hours. Most users have no idea what cryptocurrency is and they are actually spending it. : CryptoCurrency

You can’t on the stellar fork yet. There are two kind, one(kin2) is the utility token and is the stellar fork. Kin1 is ether based and is erc20 and is what is traded. They are working on atomic swap which should be ready in a few months. Erc20 transactions per sec is whatever Ethereum block […]

ETN vs. ETF: Which Is the Investor’s Dream?

There has been a big push for investors to be able to buy Bitcoin without actually having to buy the digital currency. Products — such as futures — have entered the market and upon their arrival in early December last year, Bitcoin rallied toward $20,000. However, the biggest prize on offer for investors — mainly […]

Blockchain data storage company Lambda receives investment from Bitmain

Lambda, a decentralized infrastructure startup that provides unlimited data storage via the blockchain, today announced the company received an investment from Bitmain Technologies Ltd., the world’s largest producer of application specific integrated circuit miners (ASIC) for cryptocurrency mining, to support secure blockchain-based infrastructure and decentralized applications (DApps). Responsible for creating leading consumer-grade, power-efficient bitcoin and […]

ICON opens up its doors to global blockchain accelerator program, ‘ICX Station’

One of the leading blockchain protocols, ICON, has announced today the sponsorship of a highly anticipated accelerator program, ICX Station. The program is designed to expand the power of the underlying ICON infrastructure, which is a highly scalable interoperable blockchain, as well as provide opportunities for developers, tech entrepreneurs, and businesses considering blockchain adoption. Split […]

Sale : CryptoCurrency

You mean people who know that perishables are perishable, and those perishables don’t magically follow a sales schedule. They also know “sales” are largely irrelevant, when the price of nonsale items at some stores (like Aldis) are lower than the sales items at others. Or they know bulk items are often cheaper than sales not […]