After being delisted from Bittrex back in January, Metal (MTL) releases their iOS app Metal Pay and becomes the first crypto ever to get re-listed on Bittrex. : CryptoCurrency

Metal is basically a useless token, and a centrally controlled one at that. This whole re-listing is extremely odd, and seems shady. What I think *might* have happened, and what *might* happen…

  1. MTL sees writing on the wall. Needs a way to sell their stockpile of MTL

  2. Pays Bittrex in MTL to relist.

  3. Bittrex relists.

<you are here>

4. Metal then prepare a whole heap of hopium, with media blizt about “partnerships” and all the other buzz stuff that crypto projects can conjur up.

5. Bittrex then slowly sell their stash. MTL then offload all their founders tokens.

6. Exit stage left. It’s over.

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