All dApps on Ethereum have less than 15k users per day, combined : CryptoCurrency

It’s still suuuuuper early, give it some time. As the tech gets better, the tx fees will become negligible or be so abstracted you may not notice them entirely (look into Loom sidechains). Right now, think of dapps as early alpha stage. People are just starting to explore this space. Gambling is the low hanging fruit but will end up being important as the development community will gain valuable experience from the mistakes and innovations in making those dapps. 15k is way more than this time last year too— as with any exponential technology, its growth will seem underwhelming until it hits the knee in the curve. So let’s take a look at it when Shasper is live, when other dapp platforms mature, and when more killer dapps are out. If there are only 15k DAU a year from now I’ll be shocked.

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