Another way to support Bisq! (decentralized fiat-crypto & crypto-crypto x-change)

Why Bisq is good for crypto

Bisq is decentralized, p2p, and therefore will never require AML/KYC. If you care about privacy of your crypto trading, bisq matters.

The Plan– "Loss-leading, a noble sacrifice"

  1. Buy small amounts of trending altcoins from Binance.
  2. Transfer off exchange.
  3. Run Bisq (bisq exchange must be accessed through its app since it runs over TOR and is p2p).
  4. Place limit-sell orders on Bisq for those altcoins, but at a 50% discount from the Binance price.

Yes, this is basically giving popular altcoins away in order to entice people into learning how to use Bisq (there is a slight learning curve).

The concept of a loss-leader is that once people have taken the time to visit your difficult-to-reach store, they might spend additional time there and do additional shopping. If a person spends the time to install Bisq and learn to use it, they might find out that they like it and therefore continue using it!

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