Augurs Prediction Market (decentralized betting) project goes live on Monday after 3 years of development : CryptoCurrency

It’s way more than a few bucks. If I remember correctly a typical augur smartcontract uses around than 300k gas, so right now it would be like 10 bucks plus fees on a single contract for a short confirmation tx. Not considering the price hike augur itself will add to the network if it’s actually being used…. And the 10 bucks are just for the order, if you get outbidded right away, tough luck, either wait and hope someone takes it or lose the 10 bucks.

And yes, that still isn’t much if you’re willing to throw a lot of money and go all the way on the result, but the entry fees will be a big barrier for retail traders, and more importantly, scalpers, which are important for the market liquidity.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea and I cant say I would make it better. REP is a great token to have in the long term, but I don’t expect anything from them before ETH fixes it’s scalability, which imo is still the best trustless block chain for this kind of projects.

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