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There are a lot of “DEX’s” out there, but

i) They have high slippage or are usually premium prices (kyber for example) since they have reserve managers or “liquidity providers”. Some are usually better priced like IDEX, but have low volume.

ii) Complex to use for the average person (it’s really not in my opinion) and to be safe; it’s best to use it with nano S.

iii) Get DNS hjacked or DDOSED (you usually don’t get a refund here vs. several times GDAX & Binance helped people).

iv) Not really “trader-friendly” or allows HFT since every tx. has a time interval of at least block time.

E.g. Do you really want to press at least 3-4 buttons every time you complete one trade and wait 30 sec+ ?

I personally cannot see people using a DEX until all the above is improved. If people think exchanges are bad right now; they should have seen them 2 years ago. I also think a lot of people right now are just looking to blame anything for the prices being this low.

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