Community Roundtable : CryptoCurrency

I already discussed the importance of the community around the project in this thread:

I’ve been thinking for a while on this topic and came up to the idea that I’d like to discuss with the community.

It is evident to everyone that a lot of Telegram communities in the crypto-landscape have got a lot of bots in it.

Have you ever faced this issue?

Don’t you personally need the community scoring system, that will show you the real buzz around the project?

Buzz shows us the communities commitment to the project, and it is a quite valuable thing in investment decision tree.

Nowadays it is impossible to track the activity and organic “health” of the community.

In my opinion crypto community needs the project’s community evaluative algorithm, that will count different indexes.

It will bring us the unified scoring system. So we won’t be deceived by swindlers, that are juking statistics and making us think, that community is alive. Hence, the investment decisions will become more accurate.

@admins, maybe we have to create COMMUNITY flair?

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