COSS crypto exchange unveils a glimpse of version 2.0, which stands for Crypto-One-Stop-Solution, a cryptocurrency ecosystem featuring a payment gateway/POS, exchange, and wallet services today gave an updated look at the upcoming COSS 2.0 release, an improved exchange experience for users which includes many enhancements.

The COSS team noted that since launching in Apri 2017, they have had their ups and downs, nevertheless, COSS has been regularly improving itself, growing from an initial team of 5 to now 19. In the time following launch, the company has upgraded their KYC procedures to ensure compliance with regulations, FIAT has been implemented, more tokens have been added, also a new UI has been launched.

Current COSS exchange layout.

With the announcement of the long-awaited release of COSS 2.0, the team is finally able to reveal a glimpse of what the future of will consist of when implemented:

  • A team of more than thirty developers working on COSS 2.0
  • 1.5M TPS at launch, with TPS scaling built into the engine
  • Sophisticated trading tools for all users
  • Dynamic withdrawal fees with network congestion scale
  • Quick buy function
  • Basket trading
  • Crypto dust conversion
  • Full set of public and private APIs
  • Institutional accounts
  • Training platform for traders using training tokens
  • New wallet system
  • Full customization of ICO listing and promo features.
  • Auto annual report for all traders and custom report creation available
  • Portfolio and watchlist features
  • iOS/Android apps with trading and portfolio features
  • Top pairs will be listed ( NEO/GAS, Ripple, Stellar, Cardano, etc )
  • COSS base pairs

The COSS team said:

“Over the next few months we will go in-depth into these features, and keep you posted on our progress. We do not want to give any timeline on when we will roll out COSS 2.0; we want to get this right. However, we will invite in testers at various stages to get user feedback and fine-tune the platform until we are ready. Once again, we would like to thank you for being with us. With our increase in manpower and expertise, we look forward to having you with us on this bright future ahead for”

The COSS main headquarters is based in Singapore, they have developers working remotely in Romania and the Netherlands.

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