I’m a contrarian investor, convince me now is a time to buy/sell

I bought FB at $20. VW after the emissions scandal. Apple after Steve Jobs died. Firearm stocks after shootings. BAC at $6. VGK after Brexit… The list goes on… When I see negative headlines I take note and often want to buy.

I didn't start seriously following BTC until early 2016. I didn't invest because I found security to be too cumbersome, where mainstream investors would not invest. After seeing the run-up YE 2017, I took note, and clearly I had misread the potential. But I never invest under those run-up conditions… seeing the community feel the pain over the past 3 months has made me quite interested in reconsidering investing. I've done much research, and realize that crypto is more accessible and potentially more secure than ever, but my ultimate feeling is this type of investment is pure speculation at this point. I truly believe that 0 and 100k BTC price are possible outcomes over the next 3 years. Beyond that, Crypto is dangerous for the average investor, and especially the computer illiterate. There's a place in a portfolio for speculation, but you have to be ready for a 100% loss.

Are you a buyer or a seller? Honestly, I would be more interested to hear from sellers.

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