It sucked. Here’s why : CryptoCurrency

I went to Consensus this week, and it sucked. By far the worst crypto conference I’ve been to. The networking was fine. Here’s why the actual conference sucked:

  1. Talks were superficial, and they didn’t seem to know who their audience was. Sorry folks, normies are gone. Speak to your core enthusiasts.

  2. The whole presentation vibe was, let’s bend over backward for bankers and discuss how we’re going to do it. I get that it’s in nyc, but come on. If the suits are here, let’s discuss using their money to lobby congress in favor of crypto instead of shorting the market.

  3. Presenters rehashed cliche after cliche, “muh 90% of icos will fail.” Instead of delving into the fundamental problems facing crypto (real world usage by the average joe, scalability, centralization).

Not to mention how disorganized everything was.

It was embarrassing for crypto. The market spoke.

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