Kinit Beta App Now Live in Google Play (Start Earning and Spending Kin Every Day!) : CryptoCurrency

To those people here who are against Kin or at least against the concept of Kin, I might know why: The goal of Kin is to be a consumer-friendly cryptocurrency, where everyone and their grandma gets to use cryptocurrency without even realizing they’re using a cryptocurrency. If Kin is successful, it means the party is over: The party’s over for us, the crypto-enthusiasts who know that we’re special because we get to use something that no one else understands, that has a huge barrier to entry unless you’re tech savvy, that has given us epic “early adopter” status, and that, for many of us, has given us extreme profits because we were in it just before or during the leading edge of the awesome exponential curve that has been crypto over the past 9+ years. The party might be over because we will no longer be a part of the exclusive crypto club, because it will be an everyone club. It’s just like when your college first got Facebook and you thought it was so cool and exclusive, and now everyone in the world can have Facebook and it has lost all cool factor. But even with Facebook being totally uncool and hated by many, we can’t deny that it’s currently worth .604 trillion dollars and the ~5th most valuable company in the world. The party has just begun. (I am a Kin Ambassador)

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