Large paypal transfer fees- £4.30 for each £10 transaction to Phillipines! This is why we need crypto : CryptoCurrency

Move money into your Paypal or Bank account before you send it and your fee will be 3.99 no matter how much money, $10, or $2000. This update is great for people who spend large amounts of money. I used to spend more than 50++ USD per transfer and now I get 3.99 for my international transfers.

There are also other methods for getting $10 in with minimal fees, I regularly receive $10 amounts from all over the world with around a dollar fee (not sure the exact amount, its a flat + % amount). Yes the essentially 10% fee sucks, but when you receive money from random people its not that bad. Also better than your current fees. If you know the individual then using a bank transfer for me is $0. Come to think of it, why don’t I bank transfer to the person I Paypal money to instead and get the $0 fee? Nice showerthoughts for the day.

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