Let me get this straight about Verge… : CryptoCurrency

So, Verge is pretty “big” for an alt/shitcoin. I remember the hype started when John McAffe (the “celeb” who gets paid for his tweets) tweeted about it, and it’s been a shitshow ever since. And the dumb money KEEPS FLOWING IN.

  • Back in November/December, McAffe tweets about Verge (probably got his $105,000.00 for that). Hype starts building up.
  • Verge had a “Wraith Protocol” update coming up on a set date. Dev didn’t keep true to his word and postponned it. When it finally came out, it wasn’t anything impressive.
  • Dev made a post asking about paying taxes related to cryptos/coinbase. A few hours after said post, he started a “Give Verge to our pool so we can reveal big news on day XX/YY!!!1”
  • Didn’t get enough money, some company matched the donation value so he would reveal it anyway.
  • Didn’t reveal it. Postponned to April 16th.
  • Two days ago, their Blockchain was hacked.
  • Dev pushed a “fix” and said everything was fine. Wasn’t, as hacker still mined free XVG.
  • Now Dev pushed another “fix”. It was a hardfork. He didn’t know it was a hardfork. Let me repeat that. The Dev. Didn’t. Know. He. Pushed. A. Hard. Fork.

Despite all this, XVG is riding a pretty substantial rocket in value, gaining crazy percentages in a consolidated bear market. This honestly feels JUST LIKE BITCONNECT. Dumb money flows in, colorblind to all the red flags that keep popping up and probably thinking they’re gray or green.

I’m at a loss for words. If anyone knows an exchange that allows me to short Verge, please PM it to me. I’ll love some free money when this shit booms.

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