MasterDAX and Microsoft join forces for cloud crypto exchange service

Digital China Group subsidiary company MasterDAX, a turnkey key solution for digital asset exchange has announced the launch of the MasterDAX 2.0 Exchange Cloud Service. This is an initiative by MasterDAX and Microsoft to launch an end-to-end digital asset exchange Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) solution.

To date, MasterDAX has served 38 blockchain companies in 11 countries around the world. In assisting operators to quickly build exchanges. The company says they’ve been diligently analyzing the obstacles, difficulties, and pain points encountered and are concentrating on the various weaknesses existing in the present exchange market to find the best solutions.

In the MasterDAX 2.0 Exchange Cloud Service, Microsoft will be a blockchain cloud technology platform, using Azure Kubernetes for easy deployment and management of hybrid engine clusters. The service will be using Azure Key Vault protection for key security management via Azure CLI. Further, Azure Resources Manager and Terraform provides a mix of engine clusters and supports automatic upgrades. Enhanced conditional access, identity protection, and access review are used in Azure Active Directory (AD) to prevent unauthorized access to applications and data without sacrificing productivity.

Based on Azure’s global data center, MasterDAX 2.0 Exchange Cloud Services aim to improve overall operational efficiency through high performance and high-speed support. Relying on the built-in security and privacy protection of the Azure platform, the MasterDAX2.0 Exchange Cloud Service produces the highest levels of trust, transparency, standards and regulatory compliance.

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